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Pre-School and Kindergarten Dance

These classes encourage children to work with one another and prepare them for the routine of a dance class setting. Basic steps are introduced in a fun, creative environment. Skills introduced in preschool will be polished and advanced at the kindergarten level. These are 45 minute classes. To begin our program, students must be 4 years old and potty trained.

Ballet and Tap Fundamentals

These classes are for students in 1st and 2nd
grade. At this level, coordination will be further
developed as well as the knowledge of necessary
dance terminology in order to prepare students for
classical ballet technique. Rhythm and music
understanding will be stressed as tap is introduced
in 1st grade. Each of these classes is 55 minutes.

Classical Ballet and Tap Combination

Classical ballet training begins when the students are in the 3rd and 4th grades. It is a necessary foundation for all other techniques. These classes are designed to assist students in developing the strength, coordination, musicality, and confidence needed to share in the love of this art form. As their technique advances rhythms become faster paced as well as more intricate. These are 55 minute classes.

Cecchetti Technique

The Cecchetti Council of America was established as a nonprofit educational association in 1951. A sequence of grades allows students the opportunity to grow as accomplished ballet dancers. Classes in the Cecchetti Method are introduced in the 5th grade and are meant for the dedicated student. Those who wish to graduate from the CK Studios must pass accredited exams in Grades I through III. CCA examiners from across the country travel to our area once a year to examine the dancers.

Tap Dance

Tap training begins in a ballet/tap combination class at the 1st through 4th grade level and is a separate class beginning in 5th grade. These classes are designed to develop balance, coordination, and strength in the legs and feet. Rhythm and music understanding will also be stressed.

Boys Tap (Redfield and Huron only)

These classes consist of all boys, and are offered at the 1st grade level. Choreography will be masculine, and tailored to fit their interests.

Jazz Dance

Jazz is a popular dance form on stage, on TV, and in music videos. It is a high impact dance form that allows a dancer to express their individual style while increasing their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. A strong ballet program gives our students the ability to excel in this style; therefore, students must be concurrently enrolled in a ballet class. Jazz will be introduced to the students in 6th grade.

Non-Syllabus Ballet

This class is open to students concurrently enrolled in Grade III training. We will work with students to further develop strength, balance, and coordination outside of a structured syllabus class. Emphasis will be placed on helping students learn choreography quickly and effectively, and new work will be introduced frequently.

Pointe Work

Pointe is an optional class offered to students who have had several years of training, have passed their Grade I exam, have completed one year of grade II, and are currently enrolled in a minimum of two classes per week (including Grade III). Whether or not a student is placed on pointe will be at the discretion of the teacher based on the child’s development and skill level.

Contemporary (Redfield and Huron only)

This class will utilize both ballet and jazz training. Being a free and fluid style of dance, students will explore fall and recovery, play with balance, and be introduced to a variety of floorwork.  This class is for students in the 9th through 12th grades.

Dance Team (Redfield only)

With the addition of Dance Team, Miss Keri has given the kids a wonderful opportunity not only to continue advancing their technique, but to perform more than once a year. Intermediate is open to students in 5th and 6th grade, Junior is open to students in 7th and 8th grade, and Senior is open to students 9th grade and up. Each class will have the chance to perform half-time shows during the winter months.