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Monthly Tuition Payment

Starting in September, through the month of May, tuition payments are due the 10th of each month. This will apply even in months where the 10th falls on a holiday or on a weekend. If payment is made after the 10th, a late fee of $3 per class the child is enrolled in is automatically applied to the account.

If tuition for the previous month is not received by the 1st of the next month, students will be suspended from class starting that day. This is a temporary suspension and lessons may resume when bills are paid along with a $15 reinstatement fee.

Please send payments to:

Milbank and Redfield, CK Dance Studios, 920 N Main, Aberdeen SD 57401

Huron, CK Dance Studios, 46 4th Ave., Mellette, SD 57461

Class Attendance

Regular class attendance is important for students to progress and advance in our program. If possible please notify the teacher in advance if your child will be absent.

Intermediate, Junior and Senior Classes:

(those students who have begun Cecchetti work)

Any lesson missed must be made up within 2 weeks worth of classes to maintain consistent strength. Students who do not make up absences within the 2 week period will be dismissed from the class. There will be a $15 reinstatement fee. Arranging and attending a makeup class is the sole responsibility of the student.

Graduation Policy (Milbank, Redfield and Huron only)

Students who wish to graduate must:

1. Have completed 800 class hours

2. Have passed Cecchetti student examinations I and II, and have studied III and IV.

3. Have maintained a minimum of 3 classes per week the four years prior to graduation,

    and have performed in the recital these years. Senior year is mandatory. (One class each
    in ballet, tap, and jazz)

4. Have completed high school graduation requirements.